Athena video Shoot



The Athena video Shoot was Completed on Sept., 1st, 2018 at Atlanta Video Inc. This is in Little Five Points area, Atlanta, Ga. close to the Variety Play House. The company is run by William Brown. He is an Emory video techniques Professeur. It was Athena’s first updated video project. This was done in front of a green screen.

On our website, you’ll see some individual photos of Athena members in front of the green screen. The video shooting took all day. There were six weeks of Post Production The video techs were using amazing and the newest software.

Six weeks is not an unusual time frame for post-production. Major video projects like recent Star Trek movies finish their source shooting in a few months. Then spend over a year in post-production. Welcome to the 21st century.

The result was amazing and cost-effective for ATHENA. We would recommend anyone this for anyone to promote their project. Also currently in production, original Athena video footage for a project that we hope will become Viral.